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    Licensing for laptop and desktop

    Can I use a single license on my desktop PC and my laptop? I can only use one at a time but I prefer the desktop when I'm at home but still would like access to the app when I'm on the road.



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    Hi Dale

    In short yes, this is fine.

    We permit users to install a single license on a max of 3 devices at anyone time. Thats is, you are the owner of and sole user of ND on these devices.

    I trust that is the answer you were hoping for


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    Yes, that's the answer. Thanks.

    Does adding the license register a counter online? I have a new laptop and a new desktop since purchasing and both the old are destroyed so not in use.

    I am the only user of the app on both computers.

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    Hi Dale,
    Thanks for letting us know - we'll make sure you don't have any issues!
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