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    fret spacing question

    Apologies if this is an old feature req, but one of the things I really miss from my old hand-drawn diagrams is - on full-neck diagrams - the option to space the frets steadily closer as they rise up the neck. Obviously this needn't be done as dramatically as the guitar does it itself - but 'smaller fret spacing for higher notes' is an important piece of visual feedback that helps some of us enormously with quick orientation. Oh go on. *Wonderful product by the way.

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    Hi dharmabam

    Welcome to the ND forum

    I will scour our feature requests tickets to see if we have plans to add this as an option in a future version. If not I'll raise a ticket for the team to consider.

    The first thing that comes to mind is; you'd really need to make pretty large diagrams or the note markers in the higher frets will be very difficult to read. Especially as these currently scale to the size of the fretboard - although we're making these independent from the fretboard


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    I agree with Dharm that it would be nice to have the fret spacing getting smaller as you go up the neck to help with visual feedback. (I need ALL the help I can get!) But I do appreciate the logistical issues that Dean brings up. During my dark ages before I realized ND was available for doing diagrams, I made my rudimentary diagrams with tighter spacing up the neck (see diagram). It ends up making the diagram much longer, so I think most users would prefer the uniform spacing. But it did help me get a bit of subconscious feedback that was nice as I looked at the diagram (not my neck) while playing. That said, in using ND2 over the past few days (as a new user), I have gotten used to the uniform fret spacing and much I certainly prefer the higher quality ND2 diagrams to my old rudimentary diagrams that had the tighter spacing up the neck.

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    We do have a ticket for this so I've just added your vote to it!
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    It would certainly be helpful for mapping out solos. I just got a guitar with 22 frets and I thought that my brain would automatically add a half-step, but I've found it isn't quite automatic without a little bit of study.

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