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    ND launch prompts to download old Java SE6 Runtime

    I am currently unable to launch ND on my Mac as I get a prompt to download Java SE6 Runtime. As I understand it, this is an old version of Java, which is not recommended.

    Please advise.

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    Hi Stringtheorist

    It sounds like you didn't get out Newsletter when we released v1.10 a couple weeks ago? There's a section in it that described installing on Yosemite, you can view the Newsletter here:

    v1.10 release Newsletter

    It's quite simple though Apple's popup message is a big cryptic! You simply need to click the "More Info" button which'll take you to the Apple Java Update for Yosemite! The Newsletter will tell you more or the link below will take you straight to the Apple update.

    Hopefully that should get you back up and running


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    Thanks Dean. I was getting the blank page and didn't know how to get past it. Got the download now!

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    No worries. Glad ND is back up and running for you

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