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    Note dots seem smaller and intervals not alligned within them...

    This is my first post. I just purchased the Pro version of the software.
    What I did was make a blank page and inserted a bunch of chord charts.
    Then I started filling them up. I started with chord charts having 7 frets, filled the chord notes
    with intervals within the dots only to realize that I don't need 7 frets and I can do with 5.
    I double clicked the chord chart and put 5 frets and pressed apply. The length and width
    of the new chord chart remained the same but now only 5 frets appear. The problem is that the
    interval fonts within the dots automatically became smaller although, as I mentioned, the size
    of the chart remained the same and in addition the numbers (intervals) within the dots became off-center
    within the dots.Capture.JPG
    Is this a bug?

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    Hi Yair

    Hopefully you've seen my reply to you other post? If this is happening within the same document as your other problem then I'll investigate as soon as you send us the FBD file as per my reply in this post -

    If it's a different document please also send this one.


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    I have also found that characters within the fretboard dots are not centred. They are often positioned a little low. It's a minor bug for sure. But, considering this issue was initially reported in 2014, any idea when or if it will be fixed? See attachment for example.

    Attachment 182

    Thanks, Sam

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