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    Question Is it possible to rename those intervals names in the diagrams?

    It's great to see intervals names instead of fingerings, but?
    Is it possible to rename those intervals names?
    M7 or 7M instead of 7
    7 instead of b7
    + and - instead of # and b for the fifth
    bb7 or 7bb or dim7 or 7 instead of 6 for a diminished chord

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    Hi Philibarth

    I know I've already replied to in a private email but thought I'd put an answer here in case any other users had a similar question.

    I think the best thing is for you to use Custom Note Markers - just right click the note and chose Set Custom Label (first pic), but you can only use three characters at this time. Then with the Selector Tool (cursor) double click the note and from the Style drop down, choose Custom (2nd screen shot)

    The above method is best for adding symbols like M, - , + etc. For the bb7 you can just choose what interval you want from the Interval drop down box like the image below.

    Hopefully these should produce the results you're looking for

    Dean Cross

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