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    Talking custom labels based on scale intervals

    Hi Justin

    Have just downloaded trial version and am very impressed so far, very clear, intelligently laid out, very flexible and loads of potential to produce really high quality stuff. Well done!

    What I would like to do is create interval labels that are different from each other and can automatically be applied to the fretboard.

    eg for a standard major scale I would like to be able to all the intervals but highlight say 3 as blue, 5 as red maj7 as green etc. I know I can do this manually, but is it possible to set this so it can be applied consistently to a new diagram?

    Hopefully will be purchasing full version shortly.

    All the best


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    Thanks for the kind words Phil!

    Currently you can't specify a colour per interval - but this is on the task list as it's been requested before, e.g. in this other post!

    I can't promise a date when it'll get added, just that it will be, but not in the upcoming v1.9 release which hopefully will be out around the end of the month or early next...
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    Great, thanks for quick response and glad you are considering this for a future release.



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