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Thread: Using PDF files

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    Using PDF files

    Hi everyone, When I select to convert my chord diagram boxes to a PDF file the note intervals (ie - b7) in the diagram box overlap each other when I open the exported file, any ideas as to how I can solve this problem would be most welcome.

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    A few users have reported this happening. You're on Windows, yes? Basically the PDF generator can't access the font for some reason. To get it going again you just need to install the font so it's accessible globally on Windows:

    1. go to the folder: C:\Neck Diagrams\plugins\com.neckdiagrams.font.resources_1 .8.0.201012081625\fonts\
    2. either copy file Opustext.ttf to C:\Windows\Fonts or right-click on it and depending on your version of Windows you might have an option to install it
    3. restart ND & your PDFs should come out fine!
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    Thanks Justin, that worked fine.

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