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    Paste can create off-fretboard cruft

    I frequently ctrl-move notes to higher on the fretboard, allowing the off-diagram notes to disappear (which presumably is handled properly, and the associated nodes are refcounted away or garbage-collected or whatever happens to them). However the lines that were copied don't disappear. See below.


    If I resize the fretboard the extra objects vanish. However this seemed odd so I thought I'd flag it.

    [BTW I don't see how to insert an image inline here, as opposed to a thumbnail linked to an attachment. Is there a way to do this, or is that only available for godlike users who can store images directly on the server? Just wondering.]
    -- Trevor

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    Hmm.. I do have a ticket already re connection lines, as things go a bit crazy when you have lots of them on a fretboard/page So it's on the task list, but I'll add a note re them not getting hidden when one end isn't visible.

    But re the inline images.. no, not godlike at all It's just the [ img ] <imgurl> [ /img ] tags. You can attach the pic and then link to it, or upload somewhere, e.g. imgur etc. Here's your pic in bbcode, just with some spaces added so the code shows:

    [ img][ /img]

    which comes out like this:

    There's more bbcode tag details here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin View Post
    I'll add a note re them not getting hidden when one end isn't visible.
    The interesting thing here for me was that it's not just one end of the line that isn't visible. The notes themselves seem still to be there, with all their lines; the notes don't appear because they're past the end of the board. Presumably this means that one can have notes above the last displayed fret.

    Well that's actually kind of useful, that way you can change the fretboard size and not lose detail.
    -- Trevor

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    Yes! Think of the visible area as a viewport on the fretboard, kind of like a camera close up. There might be other things on there out of shot but you can't see them. Ahem - shouldn't

    I've just been looking into this and believe I've got it sorted now. Here's a quick demo, also you can see the new style barre I'm planning on adding in v1.9:

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    Nice. Any new inspector-visible line properties like thickness and color?
    -- Trevor

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    One thing at a time Trevor Hey actually that's two there

    I'll leave editable properties for another release as will otherwise never get this one out the door lol, actually trying to knock off the last tickets for this iteration and slowly getting closer..
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