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    Lightbulb Multiple Feature suggestions...

    Hey all,

    I've been keeping a notepad of features that I add to whenever I see a need for improvement on NeckDiagrams. Been using the program about a month or so now and I gotta say it's one of the most useful programs I ever bought. Wish a thousand times over I'd had it when I was creating diagrams for my Texas Blues Guitar course a year ago. Those were all done in CorelDraw from scratch. Hours and hours could have been saved!

    Anyway, here they are. Hopefully most of these will be implemented sooner rather than later.

    - Allow interval preferences to show "Change all intervals after the 1st octave to extended/compound intervals."
    - Ability to change line color
    - Ability to copy/paste notes, lines, colors, etc. onto separate chord/scale diagrams within same document (I've noticed you can't copy these and paste them on another diagram on the same page)
    - Chord Generator/Reverse Chord Finder (Why not have a tool to build chords, inversions, voicings, etc.?)
    - Tab Symbols (Bends: Whole+1/2, Whole, 1/2, 1/4; Slides; Hammer-ons & Pull-offs)
    - Drawing Symbols (Circling areas of fretboard, arrows, highlight, etc. if you wanted to show a certain portion of the fretboard rather than having to change note colors.)
    - Allow open notes to be hollow with text inside (currently can only have text inside solid notes, see next)
    - Option to make open notes as big in diameter as fretted notes (goes along with previous)
    - Ability to Duplicate chord charts (make a copy to edit) (currently have to save a template but would be nice to right click on a saved diagram and select "Duplicate" or "Make a copy")
    - Ability to rotate objects (Would like to be able to create text and rotate it vertically so you can read it sideways)
    - Bug: Ability to open templates with notes still on diagrams. (Everything was correct, but notes were missing when I opened template, even though notes were present in the thumbnail image for the template.)
    - "Clear Guides" function with warning "Are you sure you want to clear all your guides?"

    Justin, I have samples of what I created for my Texas Blues Guitar course if you would like me to email them to you for examples of what I had to create from scratch.

    Sorry for the long post, but wanted to do this before I thought of anything else
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