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Thread: iPad Version??

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    iPad Version??

    I didnt see anything relating to this so my apologise if it has already been discussed. Is it likely?? It would be great for teachers especially.

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    Yes I'd love to do an iPad version! It's on the task list, but given time constraints and the fact I don't yet know iOS programming I think this can go 2 ways: either delayed, delayed, delayed... or I get some help and hire someone/firm to help out with this.

    Given the story with the delays to the v1.9 release I'm realistically going to have to find some help. I don't want to spend a large sum developing it though if folks won't buy it though. Given the race to the bottom on the iPhone app pricing I'm not sure what a reasonable price would be that people would be prepared to pay. Got any thoughts on that? Experience of other apps? What's the pain threshold $10?

    Would love to hear your thoughts! Would you want the full editing experience, text boxes, images and all? Or just a quick way to diagram fretboards that you could then later transfer into the desktop app easily..?
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    Well as many teachers use ND for work I'd imagine that many of them prob have and use an iPad as its such a great teaching aid.

    The full experience would be great, especially for knocking up diagrams on the fly but a lite version (to help gauge public response) with more interesting templates would be good that could be shared or emailed at the click of a screen would be very handy. Having the ability to work with the computer version would be a great asset. At the moment i pdf my diagrams and store them in ibook. Ive got tons of lesson subjects covered, often a few pages, but it would be handy to be able to quickly draw up say the chords to a progression and send to to a student via email rather than give them a 4 page pdf of jazz chords 101 lol

    Id happily pay $10 for the 'full' version on an ipad. But a lite version that ran a little less would be fine. Actually i think id prefer that - not because of price but because of function

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    I'd be up for full functionality and would obviously pay $10 for it.
    Maybe the free/lite version could be read/import only.

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    I'd use it.

    David Dougherty, OR, USA

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    I would use it (full functionality).

    David Dougherty, OR, USA

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    Was away at a tech conference last week.. and I got all excited as it looks like there's a path to producing an iOS/Android version with the technology I'm already using [Hey David, good to hear from you!]

    So I'm thinking this is something I definitely will investigate further as it would mean not having to write 'mobile' versions from scratch and potentially re-using a good chunk of existing code, speeding up development and reducing cost massively.

    There's one catch though, a limitation of the tech used in this approach... you'd need to be connected to the internet to use it.

    How does that grab you? Bit of a pain in the backside, but aren't you most likely to use this when you have wifi available anyway? Or at least a mobile data connection...

    I think as a first iteration, to prove the viability, it'd be great to get something out there at a reasonable price and then if the 'always-connected' thing proves to be a sticking point (or there's limitations in the port tech) then that'd be the time to invest some real cash and hire some guys to do a proper native implementation...
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    isn't the required internet connection up to the developer for the app? I know some apps require you to be online and some don't for advertising purposes or whatever

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    Not in this case - the tool to allow doing this quick implementation require you be connected. I've kinda gone off doing it this way now anyway. Will be investigating frameworks that'd allow both an Android and iOS version to be created at the same time...
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    are you talking about making the regular computer version online only also?

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