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    Show Fr problem!

    Hi there,
    I've noticed a problem when using the "Show Fr" in "Fretting Numbers.
    Basically, when you turn it on all is fine, but when you save, close and then re-open the document the "Fr" by the frets has disappeared even though the "Show Fr" box is still checked.
    You may already be aware of this but thought I would mention it just incase as I know you have a new update coming soon. Any information as to how far off the update is?

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    Hi Chris,

    Yes, this one is fixed already and will be available in the next update, v1.9.

    I've been very optimistic with my estimated release dates recently but I'm aiming for a mid-Jan release - definitely latest end of Jan
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    Thanks Justin.
    Excellent, I look forward to getting the new update.

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    How far away is 1.9 now justin?

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    Ugh I've not been very good with my estimates have I? Apologies...

    I think there's about two more weeks effort involved, then some testing etc. So let's say 3 weeks, but I'm away for most of next week.. starting to sound like the end of March isn't it? Maybe there's a few things on the list I should delay until 1.10 - should've done that ages ago so I'd probably be releasing 1.10 now! Will definitely try to make sure the date doesn't shift again.
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