I've had a few questions about how to change the instrument - can't believe I've not put that in the documentation, will have to sort that out, but in the meantime...

So, in the Instrument Library you may have noticed a yellow star by the standard 6-string guitar - this indicates it's the default instrument used when new pages/fretboards are created:

To set the five string bass as default either just right-click it and choose "Set as default", or click the gold star on the toolbar, or use the menu option under the Edit menu:

You'll then find when you create a page or a new fretboard that it'll then be a five string bass!

If you have an existing fretboard on a page that you want to change tuning/instrument, you can do that using the Inspector, with the fretboard selected go to the "Instr" tab:

... and use the navigation buttons to click on "Library" and change to the instrument/tuning you want and double click it:

Hope that helps!