I can't seem to find a way to do the above in the subject line. Is it possible to do so? It would be really nice to show the intervals within the markers on a 12 fret fretboard diagram and show the notes underneath (which would only require six lines) or vice-versa. If I use row 1 labels and row 2 labels I get an additional 24 columns of info on a horizontal 12 fret fretboard. Kind of hard to read simply because there is so much info there (using custom paper size just so I can see everything.) Even if I only use either row 1 or row 2, making it only twelve columns of info to the right of the fretboard, it's still much more difficult reading the note names (for the sake of this discussion I'm showing intervals on the fretboard) than it would be to have the note names in a 12 x 6 matrix underneath.

If this can't be done, could we add this to the feature requests? Maybe easier to do than show intervals and notes in the same marker, though I'd still really like that feature as well.

BTW, Hi Justin!

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