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    'Rootless' chords

    You may want to create chord boxes where the root note is implied (e.g. played by the bass)...

    But, how do you show the intervals for your chord notes relative to the implied root when you don't want to add the root note to the diagram?!

    Well it turns out there's two ways you can do this; a neater way, and another way using a cunning trick

    Here's the neat way first...

    Let's use a G13 chord, but we don't want to show the root note. Normally the chord would look like this:

    The key to this approach is knowing that the legend only shows information for notes that are visible on the fretboard. So, let's move the root note some place where it won't be visible...
    Last edited by Justin; 12-19-2011 at 09:37 AM. Reason: The 2nd image had the root as F# throwing off the intervals! Now corrected ;)
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