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    Creating landscape pages

    Making a page in landscape format isn't currently totally intuitive, so here's how it's done:

    The key is to just double-click on the background i.e. the page itself (or just single click if the Inspector is already open). The Inspector window will show you page options, one of which is "Page size".

    Just select "Custom" from the drop down list...

    notice that the Apply button is not enabled by default

    ...and you'll get a window popup prompting you for the page size you want:

    To make it landscape just flip the 2 values, or enter any page size you want - although remember it might come out odd if you try to print a super wide page!

    You can see here that when you change the selection in the Page Size drop down list then the Apply button becomes enabled - and the size details just below the drop down list is italicised to indicate this isn't yet the current page size as it hasn't been applied yet.

    Pressing Apply disables the button and sets the size details to normal:

    And of course changes the page layout!
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    If your page has scroll bars you might not notice the difference until you scroll around, but the Outline view should give you an indication of the change:


    This is something I need to streamline at some point, probably just requires a "Landscape" checkbox along with the page size options.

    Also, you can set the default page size via the preferences in the "Diagram Page" entry - this setting is then used when you create a new page, so if you're going to create a pile of landscape pages then you can do this once and not for every page you create!

    Oh, and remember if you change the default in the Preferences then you won't see any pages you have open/created change - only new pages will then use the new default settings.
    Author of Neck Diagrams

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