I just had a question from Jason which I thought I'd post the answer to here as it may be useful for others!

Jason asks:
Can neck diagrams be done say between 10th and 14th frets?
Sure, you can do that!

You simply need to adjust a couple options in the Inspector for the fretboard you want to amend. For example, put a new fretboard on a blank page, double click on the fretboard to open the Inspector and:
  1. change the "Frets" option to 5 (and press the Enter key or click the Apply button beside it),
  2. and then change the "Starting fret" field to 10 (again hit Enter or click Apply).

You should then have something that looks like this:

I've also enabled "Show fret numbers" on the "Frets" tab in the Inspector.

Hope that helps!