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Thread: Multiple pages?

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    Multiple pages?

    Greetings All!

    Anyone know of a way to have more than 1 page for a diagram? I know I can change the page size and make it really long but what I'd like to do is have multiple pages. That way, when exporting to PDF, the PDF file would have multiple pages as well and allow the person viewing it to print just one page or all, or a range.

    If not, I might be able to work around it if ND would see my PDF printer (Foxit Phantom Printer). I could then, possibly, manipulate the PDF file and paginate it.

    AHA! I have six devices listed under printers. What I didn't notice in the past is that the print dialog in ND scrolls to the right when it is opened, thereby only showing me printing devices 4-6. If I scroll to the left I can find Foxit Phantom Printer. If ND can't have multiple pages I can print two different diagrams and then add them manually to one PDF file.

    Still, being able to have multiple pages would eliminate quite a few steps there. If anyone knows how, please let me know.

    Kind Regards,

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    I just use PDF toolkit which is free from the app store to glue pages together into a 'book'. Really easy program. Obviously its just a work around tho.........

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    If you use the Export Wizard to create PDFs then you can actually select multiple pages in the Diagram Gallery and export them to a multiple-page PDF really easily!

    In the Export Wizard when you have several pages selected and choose a PDF output format you'll see there's an option 'Create: single document' that you can check. You'll also be able to adjust the page order before the PDF is created. Have a look in the documentation, under Help > Help Contents, in section Neck Diagrams > Concepts > Exporting and the relevant bit is towards the bottom of the page in the part title "The Export Diagrams Wizard".

    However, returning to your original question, you can't currently create a multi-page document in ND, it's a page at a time at the moment! Multi-page documents is in the task list though...

    Author of Neck Diagrams

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    Thanks Justin! That will take care of my immediate needs. Multi-page documents would be nice but I can live with this.

    Thanks again!

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