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    Exporting Diagrams

    When you export a diagram, what is the actual resolution of the file size? In future versions will one be able to adjust the resolution? Also, under "kind" of export, is it possible to save to an Adobe file type?



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    For image type exports (PNG, JPEG) the resolution is as you see it on the screen. It maps to 72 DPI (which is what the operating system uses to represent the screen), so the actual resolution will depend on your page size.

    It's easy to get an idea of what it'll be - just look at the rulers along the left & top edges of the page - the numbers you see along there are in pixels.

    Export allows you to also save as a PDF which is actually an Adobe created file format. It's actually a vector based format so if you need to increase/reduce the size it'll scale perfectly, unlike with pixel based image formats (which don't!)

    I'm aiming to add to some future release the ability to save pixel based images to higher DPI resolution files, as some folks would like to be able to use them in proper print situations (e.g. books, magazines, ...) and 72 DPI doesn't cut it for that.
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    Thanks...Yes i'm looking for print quality images!!


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    PDF is probably best at the moment.

    Just remembered though that there is a kind of "workaround" to get large images! This'll work for new diagrams, but if you've got loads of them already though it'll be a bit of a pain..

    You know you can set a custom page size? You could change the page size to be double the usual size then you'd get diagrams double the size! For example if you usally have the page size set to US Letter 8.5" x 11" then you can set the custom page size to 17" x 22" so you can create jumbo pages and so much higher resolution images when exporting.

    You can use the zoom function on the editor toolbar and set it to 75%, 66% or whatever to make the page manageable on screen. You can set a custom page size on the New Diagram Page wizard and the template will size the fretboards to fit the page. And you can set the default page size in preferences if you want to create super sized pages without having to re-enter the size loads of times...

    Not ideal, but might be useful in the meantime...
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    Yes, I've already been working with page sizes...but I didn't think about going to a bigger size to get a higher resolution. Any thoughts on when this might be resolved in a future version/release? 1.9?? lol



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    Won't be in 1.9 unfortunately Daven! Maybe after that though, perhaps December with any luck, or more likely January.

    Once this feature is ready I could maybe give you early access to a pre-release version so you could kick the tyres and test it out?!
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    Breakthrough - for Photoshop users...

    Mark Stefani (of Vision Music) just pointed out a really neat & simple solution for anyone using Photoshop!

    I wasn't aware Photoshop had any PDF support, but it can open PDFs. Mark exported a page from Neck Diagrams, opened it in Photoshop - which asks you what DPI you want (defaults to 300 dpi):

    Mark created this page, (<- that's a link!) which you can also download as a 300dpi PNG file (<- and so is that, but you might want to right click & Save Link As..) to see just how crisp and large the image actually is!

    I wonder if freeware like Gimp provides similar capabilities?

    Obviously I'm still planning to implement a high-resolution export feature so there's no dependency on other software, but for those that can't wait there's a simple workaround.
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    Outstanding!! Thanks once again guys.....


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    Another way to good resolution diagrams with Photoshop

    I usually need single diagrams, not whole pages, to incorporate them into my education stuff, worked out with the notation program Sibelius (which by now doesn't allow copy/paste from the clipboard). A way to do that is:
    - copy the diagram to the clipboard
    - in photoshop elements go to file>new>image from clipboard, which imports the diagram
    - go to image (picture)>scale>image largeness (in German: Bild>Skalieren>Bildgröße)
    - here you can choose resolution and picture dimension
    - I do quite fine with resolution 500 dpi and a picture hight of 2 inch (200 pixes/cm, 5 cm hight).
    I could not attach an example in pdf format, because it is more than 250 kb.
    But the quality, I guess, is like that of Mark Stefani

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    Thanks for the tip! How big is the file? Will it fit if you zip it? Or save it as a PNG?
    Maybe I can increase the size limit - would be good to have an example here.
    Will try out your steps myself I think!
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