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    Backing up to different hard drive

    HI, how can I back up all of my files to a different hard drive? I'm starting to get a lot of material and I don't want to loose it if my computer crashes!!



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    Hi Daven,

    Are you on a Mac or a PC?
    If on a Mac just go to your home folder and then navigate to

    Library/Application Support/Neck Diagrams

    Everything in that folder should be backed up.
    I don't use PC's so I can't comment that.

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    Yup, that'll work on Macs! Irrespective of platform, Mac or PC, Neck Diagrams is actually quietly doing backups for you

    If you open up the Preferences, the first thing you see in the list is "Automatic Backup" (or might not be 1st thing if you're not running in English or if it's missing completely you've got a way old version of ND!).

    You can click on the "Change Location..." button to choose where it creates the zipfile backups of your diagrams - you set this to somewhere on your other hard drive for example.

    There should also be more detailed info on this in the docs, under the Help > Help Contents menu
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    Thanks guys,


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