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    how to export entire page? Or is this a bug? only exporting one diag

    Hey there!

    For some reason, maybe I changed a setting, I cannot export an entire diagram as PDF.

    Here is the fbd file:

    Here is the result:

    (for anyone interested, I am trying to show a student some easy notes to play over chords in the song "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" by Mr. Robert Zimmerman - I am keeping it as simple as I can think and trying to relate it to mostly pentatonics per chord)

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    Hi Jason,

    You need to change one of the dropdowns near the top of the Export window! (2nd one down, just below the export type)

    Change it from "Selected objects" to "Pages" and 'problem' sorted!

    If you click on the page background before exporting it'll default to page mode - if you have a fretboard selected it'll use "Selected objects"..

    Author of Neck Diagrams

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    Hello! Thank you for your quick response! Maybe Justin is a great name for support (I also use REAPER, Justin is the name of one of the devs haha)

    However, I already checked this. It is correct: {3139D3B9-2904-4D5F-BA8D-4C77BBA2596F}.png

    Png export works:

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    Hmmm... Are you sure you clicked "Finish" and confirmed file overwrite?

    I'm getting the right output! ->

    dont think twice with additions.pdf
    Author of Neck Diagrams

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    Ok this is VERY strange. I restarted my computer just to check and under the PDF options, there were more options! And it worked this time! What could have caused that?

    Screenshot 2023-05-19 122314.png
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