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    replacing scale degrees with finger numbers

    ND2 is a great program, super helpful to generate class material!

    I need to show scale patterns with fingering rather than scale degrees/chord tones. The youtube videos I've found seem to be from a different program than the one I have, can anyone help me with this trick?

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    Hi rivercruiser,

    Yes, the YouTube videos show the old ND1 so it does look different. Hoping to create a new series of short videos soon(ish)!

    So to show fingerings the first thing to do is to set the fretboard to show fingerings on the note marker labels. When you do this note that you'll get a little warning triangle next to the list - hovering the mouse over this will show some info telling you what to do next!

    As well as using the keyboard to enter the fingerings for the notes, you can use the context menu by right-clicking on a note. I've pinched this screenshot from another thread so don't worry about the X/O highlighted - you can see the finger numbers just above!

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