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    Simple Question from a noob

    When I click the drop down menu to access files I've saved, there is no option to open a file. How do I access diagrams that I've previously made and saved??

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    Hey Schnozz!

    There's 3 "views" in Neck Diagrams:

    1 - the Instrument Library, where you can view/create instruments and tunings

    2 - the Diagram Gallery, where you can see the thumbnails of the docs in your 'data folders' (where your ND files are kept) and do file operations

    3 - the Editing view, where you edit documents

    If you look to the top right corner of the application, you'll see there's 3 buttons which let you switch between the views. There's some screenshots in this thread:


    You can also switch using the menus on the Window menu, or using keyboard shortcuts which are details on the menu.

    Hope that helps!
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    Great! Thanks!

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