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Thread: Hammer-ons

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    I'd like to indicate hammer-ons with an arc between notes and an H.
    Is this possible, and if so, how?
    Many thanks.

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    Hi southernbrit,

    Sorry for the slow reply - must've posted whilst I was away and I ended up not seeing this

    There's no simple way to do this currently - I've got a dev ticket to add tab-type symbols so I'll add your vote to it.

    I think the closest you'd get for now would be to use the polyline tool to make an arc (draw a line from note to note, then lift up from the handle in the middle of the line to add a bend point - it'll be like an upside-down V with a single bend point, but with each kink there's 2 new bend points added each side so you could smooth it out a bit). The 'H' would need to be done with a text box. All pretty fiddly really.. :P
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