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    Notes disappear when selecting diagram

    I am running the latest version of Neck Diagrams, installed this version this morning.

    Running into a weird problem where the notes on a diagram disappear after I select or copy/paste a diagram. The diagram remains, but it is basically blank and free of notes. Doesn't seem to affect every single diagram so not sure if it's a corrupt file or a bug in the software. This occurs on the landscape diagrams.

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    Hi Mike,

    Sounds very odd, not seen or heard of anything like this!

    Initially I thought maybe you were clicking on existing notes with a note creation tool - doing so on an existing note will erase it, or if holding down the ALT key will erase all matching notes. However that doesn't seem to fit your description..

    I'd need more info to try to figure out what might be happening - either more detailed steps of what you're doing or ideally a screen recording (you could try using this handy free app to do that: If it's happening on a specific file then would help a lot if you can email over that file too..

    One other possibility is that perhaps you're using the marquee tool to select everything in an area, trying to select the whole fretboard and then using Cut / CTRL+X? If you don't quite outline around the whole fretboard itself including any title/footer text, then you'd just end up selecting the notes and cutting those and not the whole fretboard.

    If you're doing something like this then it's best to just select the fretboard with the regular selection tool and cut/copy/paste this was as then everything on the fretboard is also cut/copied.
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