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    Transparent Fretboard and custom font on numbers in the dots

    I have the publisher version of Neck Diagrams and would like a few features that I need for my workflow as currently I still have to use make my own diagrams in a photo edidor software which is obviously much slower than using Neck Diagrams.
    1. Transparent Fretboard in PNG format. I often use diagrams in youtube videos and it great to be able to use transparent backgrounds and I can add my own background to the fretboard (often a semi transparent so you can see the diagram and the video still) (see attached photo)

    2. Also the only font I can't see to change is the numbers on the dots, again you can see from the attached photo I try to have my own look across my videos, website and book

    3. Also it would be great to be able to off set the header to get it lower to the 'nut' in the diagram see attached C chord diagram
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    Hi bucklclemly,

    So #1 will be in a future release for sure! Actually I'll email you separately about this..

    #2 I do have a dev ticket for so I'll add your vote to that one!

    #3 The obvious workaround currently is to just use a separate text box instead of the header - you can then place that exactly where you want..

    Another option would be to hide the open string area - on the fretboard settings in the Inspector, first tab, section "Mute/Open String Area", uncheck the option "Show". Here's a screenshot from another thread - the "Show" option is just above the red/circled one!

    Obviously you won't see any mute/open string markers.. But if it's just mute markers needed, you can place those on the 1st fret perhaps?

    I'll need to consider some way to allow overlapping of the open string area and the header - but I'm not keen on the idea. With one on the other you'll either not be able to add/remove markers at the nut (as text area on top) or vice-versa you won't be able to edit the text as the mute/open string area will be on top.. To modify either you'd then need to uncheck any such "Overlap header and open string area" option.
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