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    How to Change Fret Marker Numbers

    How do I change the Fret Marker Numbers from 3, 5, 7 to other numbers, such as 7, 9, 12, etc?

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    Hi kwgilf,

    I think what you actually want to do is show a different part of the fretboard, right?!

    To do that you just change the 'view' of the fretboard - with the fretboard selected, the first tab in the Inspector (the property/settings area on the right) shows at the top two settings:

    • Frets
    • Starting fret

    Here's a screenshot:

    You just need to change these values, so if you want to have the fretboard show notes starting at the 3rd fret then enter 3 in the Starting fret field! (If you type in the value directly then just press ENTER to apply it)

    You can further customise the style/how the fret numbers are shown by clicking on the 2nd tab and you'll find a section there titled "Fret numbering" which has settings to control the font, whether they're placed in the middle of the fret or by the fret wire, etc.
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