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    Unhappy Files Exporting in Random Order - Neck Diagrams Pro

    I bought the pro version recently because I wanted to be able to export individual diagrams from a page.

    The feature does work, but it exports them in random order. It doesn't follow the page in any way, it's just exported and numbered with no discernable pattern.

    Is there a way to export them in a specific order?

    Otherwise I have to organize them manually, which is arduous and a time-suck. I sometimes have 100 or more diagrams in a single project for use as visual aids in video lessons. So anyways I need them as individual files and in some sort of order.


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    Hi Tbaar,

    You're right - there's no order guarantee currently. I'll raise a dev ticket to look into this - it should be possible to at least maintain the order in which objects are selected; so you could hold down the SHIFT or CTRL (CMD on Mac) keys to select what you want to export, and the files would be numbered in the order you clicked..
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    Hi Tbaar,

    I've been looking into this today and I think I should be able to include changes for this in the upcoming v2.3 release, which I'm aiming to release this month!
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