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    Scale generator - number of frets & start fret

    If I create a new scale via scale generator in an empty diagram, which includes e.g. the frets 9 to 15, then the scale generator displays "between the frets" with the default settings as when generating a scale last time. Therefore, in principle, I have to set 2x which number of frets and which initial fret I need.
    It would make sense if the marked diagram passes the current number and the current starting fret to the scale generator, because otherwise I always have to enter this 2x.

    I hope this is understandable, because it is translated via a translator from the German...


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    Hi Hooray,

    First of all, welcome to the forum & apologies for the delayed reply.. The translator has done well, it's pretty clear and easy to understand!

    Thinking out loud, maybe what is needed is to have a button just below the sliders e.g. "As fretboard" which would change the range to match the selected fretboard. And/or an option in Preferences so you can switch the the default behaviour from "Last used" to this..

    I'll raise a dev ticket for this and will give it some thought - thanks for the suggestion!
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