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    X, O, and T symbols in the Legend Label Row

    I request that you enablie ND to use the X, 0, and T symbols in the Legend Label row. I've tried adding these symbols via a text box, but it is very time consuming and an inconsistent look.

    X = do not play, 0 = open string, and T = Thumb. It would be a very helpful feature to have all these symbols
    (1 2 3 4 X 0 and T) in the Legend Label row below the fret board just like the fingering numbers are now.

    I think it would also provide a more stream lined look.

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Doug Cameron

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    Hi Doug,

    It looks like I managed to forget to reply to your last post in another thread - apologies for that..

    I've had a couple other folks ask about this, and I've thought of a way I can add this capability fairly easily - here's how it'd work:

    (1) there'd be 2 new fingering options, X & O (T is already there!):

    (2) add note markers at the nut and set the fingering to X / O as required:

    (3) you can then hide the 'open string area' at the nut, so you don't duplicate the details, and the X / O fingering info will still show in the legend:

    How does that sound? I could include this enhancement in the upcoming v2.3 release..
    Author of Neck Diagrams

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