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    Text boxes get cut off when exporting

    Hi there,

    I've been using ND2 happily for the last year, but have run into a problem multiple times when using text boxes.

    When I'm editing a diagram and I add a text box, it displays just fine in the program but once I export it the text is cut off on the right side. I have worked around this by extending the text box out to the right but this only works when there are few words.

    I'm starting to try and use text boxes to add more information for students, and cannot get the full text to show. If I expand the box it just adjusts the text to fit and maintains the same issue.

    I increased the "padding" hoping that would fix it, but to no avail. The text still gets cut off on the right side once I export.


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    Hi Tbaar,

    That's very odd - first thing to check is whether you're using the latest release, v2.2.1, which you can check on the About Neck Diagrams window. If you have an older version installed then please get if from the Download page and install.

    To investigate further you'll need to provide more details so I can try and reproduce the issue. You might want to provide this via email rather than on the forum!

    1. A copy of a document (.fbd file) that has this issue
    2. Operating system & version (e.g. MacOS 10.15.7, Windows 10 64 bit, etc)
    3. If Windows, display settings details - resolution & scaling factor
    4. Details of export settings being used (screenshots would be very helpful!)

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