I am a long time happy user of NeckDiagrams and have created many diagrams with probably around 100 hours using the program. When I upgraded to 2.2, I was dismayed to find that the intervals had been renamed with annoying redundancies - for example, instead of "5" now I have "p5". How can I get rid of the "p"'? I also dont like the little triangles to denote for example "major 2" when all I need is "2". I tried using custom names, but this is very cumbersome to have to trudge through all my existing diagrams and change each and every interval on each and every diagram! I finally gave up and removed 2.2 and reinstalled my good ole version 2.1 that used to work so well for me only to find that all my diagrams had apparently been updated along with version 2.2 to now have all the redundant p's and triangles all over the place. I would think that I had lost my mind - were the redundancies always there?? But I have a book where I printed out all my previous diagrams, and happily they are just as I remember them - no redundant p's and triangles

ANOTHER PROBLEM: I used to make liberal use of custom colors for the various intervals according to my own personal scheme. However, since I upgraded to 2.2 the program will no longer allow me to enter a custom color when I go to "override" - the color pallate is provided, but nothing happens when I select a color. When I uninstalled and went back to 2.1, I have the same problem now