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    Polygonal shapes and transparency

    In addition to the rectangle shape, it would be useful to have a polygonal shape, so you can easily outline different string sets on different frets.

    It would also be useful if you can set a transparency/Alpha channel level for the shape fill color.

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    I was thinking you could create an outline shape using the Polyline tool - when you drag the bendpoint in the middle you get 2 more bendpoints in the 2 'halves' created. You can then keep bending until you have enough points to create the shape you want, and join the end point to the beginning.

    Bit fiddly, but you could potentially use that as a workaround for now.

    Having something like a rectangle where each side also has a bendpoint, like the Polyline, would definitely make this easier though! I'll raise a dev ticket for that if there isn't one already.

    I have a dev ticket for alpha transparency so I'll add your vote to that!
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