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    Outline Color for Notes


    I'd like to suggest a feature. I'm looking to change the outline color of notes and would like the ability to be able to make all of the same note across the fretboard the same outline color the same way "Style" is able to apply across the entire fretboard.


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    Hi HazardousGuitar,

    If I've understood you correctly, you can already do what you're trying to achieve!

    You simply need to set the default note marker colour for the fretboard - this is the colour used for solid note markers and for the 'outline' of hollow ones.

    Here's the steps:

    1. click on the fretboard to select it
    2. in the Inspector, on the first tab, you'll see a 'Colours' section towards the bottom
    3. select the 'Notes' tab group
    4. click the rectangle to the right of 'Note markers' and choose a new colour

    If you already have notes on the fretboard where you've specified an override colour then those of course won't change - you'd need to change them back to 'As fretboard setting'.

    You can also specify a default note marker colour in the Preferences - in the Colours sub-page under Fretboard. Any new fretboards would then pick up this setting.

    Hopefully that's what you're after!
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    Hi Justin,

    What I was looking at was the ability to change the Note Marker Color for each specific interval such as have the A note one color, and the B note another color, and so on.

    You already give the ability for Shape and Label to apply to the whole fretboard but color choice would also be a nice option. I'm speaking specifically if you do not have a root note such as I wanted to label the entire fretboard and have each note represent a different color.

    Does that make sense?

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    HI HazardousGuitar,

    Yes, you can indeed do that! The next tab along in the Colours section is labelled "Intervals" where you can set colours for each interval, here's a screenshot showing part of that:

    You can also define different groups of interval colours, which you can do via the Interval Colours page in the Preferences (it's a sub-page under Fretboard).

    This is actually described on page 9 of the "What's New in ND2" document in the Diagram Gallery, definitely worth having a read through that if you've not already!
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    Gotcha. Looks like I need to do more reading.

    Thanks for the reply back Justin.

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