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    Neck Diagrams Crashing while using color palette

    I've had a problem a few times now where Neck Diagrams will crash and close while using the Color Palette to change the "Outline Colour" on Fretboard Settings.

    I attempt to "Drag and Drop" the color of choice into "Dropper" from the RGB Slider and the program immediately crashes.

    If need be I can provide the crash report from my latest attempt.

    Neck Diagrams 2.2.1 running on Mac OS Big Sur.

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    Hi and welcome!

    Yes, this appears to actually be a Big Sur bug.. If you Google "Big Sur colour dialog crash" you'll see a bunch of other applications suffer the same issue.

    I can also actually trigger a crash in the OS System Preferences, in fact. Going to General > Highlight Colour > select Other > select a colour there and drag drop into the first slot causes a crash too! (only seems to happen when all the slots are empty)

    Apple hasn't fixed it in 11.3 Beta 3 unfortunately, but I've submitted error reports via their feedback tool. Hopefully they'll fix it before they fully release 11.3.. Aha I see they've released Beta 4 yesterday so I'll download and install that, fingers crossed!
    Author of Neck Diagrams

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    Thanks Justin,

    At least I know it's not just me and it's an Apple issue that is hopefully being addressed.

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    I updated to 11.3 Beta 6 and had a quick go at this - couldn't replicate the problem so it may well be that it'll have been fixed when Apple release Big Sur 11.3!
    Author of Neck Diagrams

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