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    SVG export

    I think I saw mention of this issue elsewhere, but couldn't find it again. When exporting multiple diagrams as .svg files I canīt seem to export only the area I have selected with the marquee tool. It exports the whole page, which of course is bad for laying out the page in another program. Please let me know if this is a recognized issue (and whether there's a fix in the works) or whether I'm just doing something wrong. I opted for the "publisherīs" version of ND2 precisely for this sort of functionality.
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    Hi Andrew,

    Please make sure you change the "Pages" option (just below the export format, where you have "SVG" selected) and change it from "Pages" to "Selected objects"!

    Works as expected for me like this..

    Also please make sure you're running the most current release, which is 2.2.1 - you can check this on the About Neck Diagrams window.
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