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    Interval map formula generation as graphic

    Hi, I noticed that one cannot just generate the interval formula interval_map.jpg as it is already as a separate graphic.

    It is very useful at times to have just the formula generated along the whole fretboard. It would be very nice if in the scale generator there was some option that would allow you to also generate the formula of the scale along with it.

    See for example the G Lydian neck + formula interval_map2.jpg.

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    Hi Viktor G.,

    There's been a few requests like this - are you actually after that same graphic or would you find the ability to have a fretboard displaying a single string to be more useful? A single string fretboard would be able to replicate the graphic and probably be more flexible.

    Maybe that could be the foundation for some kind of interval map tool - connect it to a fretboard and it tracks the intervals on that fretboard!
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    Hi Justin,

    Yes! I just remembered we were also talking about variable string number in . Apparently, a single string option would also be a great way of implementing the interval formulas. You can add another vote to that dev ticket I guess :].

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