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    Fret Numbering

    Hi All, I just purchased the program and joined the forum. I checked and could not find the answer to my question so here goes: I'm diagramming 5 pentatonic patterns. The 1st pattern starts in position 1. The 2nd pattern starts in position 3 so I need the lowest fret to be labeled "3". Right now it's labeled "1". I've clicked on the "starting fret" tab and selected "3", but this just deletes all the notes on the lower 2 frets. Is there a way to keep the diagram and move the starting fret number to the correct fret? Or do I have to set up the fret numbers before I add the notes?

    Thanks, rog857

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    Hi rog857,

    Think of it like a real fretboard.. when you set the Starting Fret to 3 instead of 1 it's showing the fretboard from the 3rd fret not the 1st. The notes weren't deleted, they're still at the first fret, but you just told the fretboard to display from the 3rd fret. Setting it back to display from the 1st fret would confirm that.

    If you're playing a chord at the 1st fret, say an F7, you don't move the dots/fret markers to play a G7, right You change the notes you're playing.

    You can move the notes you have up in either of two ways. First approach:

    1. right-click on the fretboard and click menu 'Select All Notes'
    2. now click on one of the notes and drag it across 2 frets

    Or, if you have Pro or Publisher, you can again right-click on the fretboard and use the Transpose.. option and tell it to move the notes up 2 frets that way.
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