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    Are mere fingerings without shapes possible?

    Hello! Johnny Hedger here...I just joined and bought the software.

    Generally for decades I have always used bare fingerings in my handwritten charts and only circle the root notes. I will likely print my own theory guitar books and will probably just do them in B&W without any color. So I likely won't use all the bells and whistles of the colored charts though they do look pretty!

    My question:

    Is it at all possible to enter fingerings only on the fretboard charts and maybe only circle the root tones?

    If not, would Neck Diagrams please consider this option for the future?


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    Hi Jonny!

    There is a trick which can achieve what you're after, but there's a minor caveat..

    What you need to do is in the fretboard Colours section (select the fretboard, first tab in the Inspector, towards the bottom of the list), click on the "Notes" tab and make the "Note markers" colour entry the same colour as the fretboard - probably white in your case!

    Now if you have the fretboard set to show note names, when you use the hollow circle for example, you'll see the note text and no outline.

    The catch though, is if you want to have fret marker dots - these will reveal the trick used to have pretend-invisible note markers! If you look at the screenshot below you'll notice what's happened to the fret marker dot at the fifth fret! You might want to switch off the fret marker dots, which you can do of course (on the 2nd tab).

    Notice also the notes on the G string - there's an option for note markers to have transparent backgrounds (only for hollow ones though) so you can see the string below them, but the white note outline cuts through the string which probably isn't a great look - better to have them the way they are on the A string, no?!

    Hopefully one of these methods will be ok for you..?

    Maybe you'd like a fully transparent note without having to mimic it by using the same background - so achieving like what's on the G string but without the breaks through the string?
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    Hello Justin,
    Would there be a way to do this with fingerings instead of note names? I'm not that concerned about position fret markers showing or not and also not that concerned if the string goes through the finger number or not - though not sure about that until I see the result. I've attached the way I have always done it by hand just to give you an idea of what I have in mind.

    Screenshot (1716).jpg

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    Hi Johnny,

    Sorry I seem to have not spotted your other question! Maybe you've figured this out by now, but yet you can have several different things on the note markers!

    To show fingering info, you need to update the fretboard settings: in section "Note Markers" on the first tab you'll see there's a "Labels" option - change this to "Fingerings". You then need to enter the fingering info for each note - just click a note and tap the finger number you want it set to (or right-click the note and select sub-menu "Set fingering" and choose the fingering from there)!
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