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    Tuning view

    Hi, new user, and enjoying it so far. I think it would be great to be able to turn on the tuning, i.e. display the open string names on each fretboard as required in the same way as the Title show title/show footer has a check box for each fretboard.
    At the minute if I understand, you have to choose the default for all fretboards in the preferences menu. And this does not remove existing tuning displays.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Marty,

    I think what you're after is the "Show tuning" option, on the 3rd tab of the fretboard settings? as shown here:

    Sounds like you're experiencing some confusion about what Preferences are vs what's in the Inspector..

    Preferences are the default values that get used when you create a new object. They do not affect any existing documents, otherwise you risk having any work you created previously suddenly looking different when re-opened at some point in the future!

    There's an exception though - Note & Interval naming preferences are 'global' and the current setting is used when a document is opened.

    The Inspector shows and allows you to change settings for existing objects in a document. So when you create a new object, say a fretboard or text box, then it will initially be created with the settings defined in Preferences, and you can then choose to alter directly for any objects via the Inspector.

    Hope that helps!
    Author of Neck Diagrams

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    Justin! that's exactly what I needed! I really should have asked the question first rather than assuming it wasn't there. Apologies, and many thanks. Great software

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