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    List of all open diagrams

    I don't see any way to view/select among the open diagrams, other than the tabs along the top of the window. I always have a boatload of open diagrams, and the one I want is never in the visible portion. So I go over to the gallery and find what I want. But I have a boatload of diagrams there too, and I sometimes grab the wrong one.

    It would be wonderful a) if the gallery somehow flagged all open diagrams visually, b) if the list of tabs could (optionally) be expanded to multiple lines, and c) if the inspector had a view that listed all open diagrams (e.g. if I have no object selected).

    Perhaps there's already a way to see this info, but I'm not finding it.
    -- Trevor

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    Ah well first up I'd recommend not keeping a boatload of documents open!

    Here's a neat undocumented feature you not stumbled across by getting a keyboard shortcut wrong - just press CTRL+E (Windows) or CMD+E (Mac).

    That'll open a little popup view with a list of open documents! And what's more, you can type and filter the list.

    That should do just what you need, with the added bonus of the search/filter! I like the idea about indicating in the Diagram Gallery when a document is opened though so I'll raise a dev ticket for that..
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