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    Saving Neck Diagram as a graphic file

    I am new here and this has probably been explained/discussed somewhere but I couldn't find it.

    I need to save my designed neck diagram as a graphic file. It doesn't matter what kind. I could use it as a jpg or tiff or anything. I'm going to take the neck diagram and then put it in a label program to make flash cards to study chords. Yes, I'm old and I'm going to use flash cards.

    How do I save the neck diagram as the graphic file instead of the fbd file? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi matonanjin!

    The 'Export' feature will do that for you! You'd need the Pro license though to access that as it's not part of the Standard version.

    Another feature of the Pro version is that you can copy a fretboard and paste it into another application. Mind though, as you'll want to keep the size at the original size (100%) otherwise it'll likely affect quality if it gets resized, so you'd need to make sure you have the right size in ND first. Although you can export to PDF or SVG which are vector formats and they scale perfectly - if your target application supports those!
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    Thank you. I was hoping there is a way in Standard. I need to decide whether to go to the extra expense of Pro or go through designing the chords and then doing screen captures. The latter is probably going to involve too many steps for the number of flash cards I'm going to be making. But that's my problem/decision.

    Thanks again for the response.

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