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    Header & Footer Problem


    I'm trying to add text to my chord grids but can't seem to remove the words "header" & "footer." What am I doing wrong?


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    When you double-click on the header or footer area it'll go into edit mode (you'll notice the selection outline goes green) and then you can just select/delete the default text.

    Maybe I'm oversimplifying the question and you want to remove the header/footer text areas?

    For individual fretboards, just select the fretboard (or select a bunch by holding down SHIFT and clicking on each, so you can change them together) and then on the Text tab in the Inspector you'll see a section called "Title", which has "Show title" and "Show footer" options, as shown here:

    Just uncheck these 2 options and they'll not be shown!

    You can of course also disable these by default via the Preferences, so that whenever you create new fretboards then they'll not be shown by default.

    You can disable "Show title" and "Show footer" on the Fretboard Preferences page, shown here:

    Hope that helps..
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