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    ND 2 no scroll on tools

    Screenshot 2020-06-19 21.27.17.jpg

    On my laptop I cannot for some reason scroll down the tools on the left hand side. On my base unit, no problem, but no scroll option appears on my laptop.... anyone got any clues as to how to rectify this?


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    Hi GuitarG,

    The toolbox supports trackpad gestures, so however your laptop supports trackpad scrolling by swiping one or two fingers etc, then that should work; that might be something you need to enable in your operating system.

    Or if you have a mouse plugged in with a scroll wheel, then the scroll wheel will scroll it also.
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    Very odd.. here's a couple of workarounds that might help:

    1 - Give the app the maximum desktop height..
    • right click on an empty part of your Windows task bar at the bottom of the screen
    • uncheck the "Lock the taskbar" setting
    • click and drag the task bar to the left or right edge of the screen
    • when the taskbar is along a vertical side you'll have that extra space for the application window and should hopefully see the remaining row of tools!

    Obviously you can move back the task bar when done!

    2 - use keyboard shortcuts to activate the hidden tools
    • the curved connection tool is ALT+SHIFT+U
    • the barre connection tool is ALT+SHIFT+B

    Actually, option 3!, you could try the capo tool which can be used as another style of connection. To use it across specific strings just click on the first string and drag it over to the target string so it spans the desired strings; or if you create a full neck width one then you can resize either end and drag it about..
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    Actually I just remembered what the best option will be...

    USE MENU Window > Toggle Full Screen ! (Alt F11)

    Full Screen mode makes use of the task bar area and hides the title bar also so you'll get even more available space this way.
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