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    Question My hard disk died and I had to reinstalled Windows - How do I restore my files?


    My partition got corrupted and I had to re-install Windows. Luckily, my backup location was modified to point to another drive on in my computer. How to restore my files? I searched the Help and can't find any information.



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    Hi Marius Musicus,

    Sorry to hear about the computer problems.. If you have an ND backup zipfile then the easiest way to restore is:

    1. make sure you're in the Diagram Gallery view
    2. from the main menu bar, select File > Import..
    3. locate the backup zipfile
    4. you'll then see the files contained in the zip - select what you want to import, perhaps everything!
    5. clicking Next will let you choose where to import to, which by default is the primary data folder
    Author of Neck Diagrams

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    Thanks Justin. Worked like a charm.

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