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    Question Transparent Note Outline Colour

    Is this possible? Essentially I want to input the notes across the fretboard, hiding the circle.

    I don't see an option to set the fill colour or the outline to transparent. Nor is there the ability to select a colour via a hex code.

    Please advise.

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    This isn't currently possible I'm afraid. This is something we have a dev ticket for - to allow more control over the "stroke", in Photoshop terminology!, e.g. also adjusting the thickness or absence.

    Re colour input, we're using the standard platform colour pickers - the Mac one definitely allows this but I can't remember about the Windows one off the top of my head. I guess if you're on Windows and you've not found it then doesn't - I'd need to check..

    We'll be replacing these with a custom one allowing easier shortcuts to colours also, so good to get input about requirements for this!
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