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    3 questions (note font/distribute vertically/text accidentals)

    I used neck diagrams years ago when it was still in version 1, just recently upgraded to 2 and I've noticed the font within the notes are different, I've attached an imagine that has the new font and the original cleaner looking font, is there any way I can get this back? I looked around settings and couldn't find it.

    Also I have 6 necks vertically that I'd like to have evenly spaced out on the page, I selected all of them and clicked the "distribute vertically button" but it doesn't seem to do anything, any ideas why?

    Last question, as you can see in the screenshot accidentals come up as a ? in the text, how can I input a accidental symbols into text?

    Thanks for the help!

    fretboard diagrams.png

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    Hi jujujordu,

    1 - note label font - the font hasn't actually changed! The font size is by default proportional to the size of the fretboard, i.e. how big the note markers are. In ND2 you can adjust the note label font size, increasing or decreasing relative to the default, for the whole fretboard or individual note markers.

    2 - hmm works when I do it! I'm assuming you're using the latest build (2.1.3)? If I have a bunch of fretboards unevenly spaced top-to-bottom, selecting all fretboards then clicking Distribute Vertically, I see all the fretboards getting evenly spaced between the first and last..

    3 - take a look at the "What's New in ND2" doc that's preinstalled (or click Help > Restore Example Diagrams to get it back if you deleted it) - on page 3 there's a list of 'macro' shortcuts for musical symbols, e.g. typing {b} will get converted to a flat symbol, typing {n} -> natural symbol, etc.
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