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    New paste behavior is not always ideal

    The following change was introduced in ND2.1.1:

    We've adjusted how pasted items are positioned..
    previously if you copy then immediately pasted the new item(s) would get placed directly on top of the old, making it look like nothing happened! New items are now always offset slightly away from the originals

    This is fine when pasting to the same page, but not desirable when pasting to other pages. For example, when repeatedly pasting titles and page number macros to several pages, you want the items to retain their original alignment.

    It appears that the alignment is retained on the first paste, but shifts on subsequent paste operations. One workaround is to reselect and copy the items before each paste operation, but thatís cumbersome.

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    Hi MassGuitar,

    Agreed - I had the exact same hassle when updating the "What's New.." document!

    I've raised a dev ticket and hopefully we'll have this fixed for the 2.1.2 update in a few weeks.
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