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    Question How to change label font type and size?

    I have been playing for a while with the new version, but I can´t find the way to change the font type of the Labels inside de notes....¿Can anyone help me?

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    So if there´s no answer or support here... Can somebody tell me where is the "priority support" that is included on my Publisher License?
    There´s a email or another method?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Sambora! The forum is generally for non-priority, community support.

    Email is by far the best option, as otherwise we've no way to know who's contacting (and whether it's a Publisher license owner!). Our Support email can be found on the site, on the 'Help' page.

    To quickly answer your question - no you can't currently change the actual font used on the note markers.. I don't think anyone's asked about that yet. I can have a look if we have a dev ticket for it and raise one if I can't see one..

    And sorry about the slight delay regardless - we're flat out trying to get the 2.1 update released this week
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    Is there a plan to add custom fonts for labels?

    In my search for custom label fonts, this thread seemed to most directly address it, but I see that there hasn't been a reply in a year and a half.

    When physically drawing neck diagrams for students (or my own practice), I've found it useful to use a variety of symbols at times to represent different note labels, so I'd imagine other people have, too.

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    Hi Bill,

    You can already adjust label font sizes. I've got a dev ticket for providing the ability to change the font used.

    I've found it useful to use a variety of symbols at times to represent different note labels
    This doesn't sound like you actually need to change the font - you can use the custom label functionality to enter any 3 characters you want, and you can use any Unicode symbol.

    For example, I just used the MacOS Character Viewer to put an emoji on a note! (here's Character Viewer info if you're on a Mac and not used this before)

    - Use emoji and symbols on Mac

    Maybe I've misunderstood your question, if so please to explain further!

    Best regards,
    Author of Neck Diagrams

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