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    Question Two Root Notes or Two separate scales in the same diagram

    I'm trying to create a diagram that shows Am & Bm triad pairs. How can I show each triad's root note and the notes/intervals for each triad in the same diagram?

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    Hi Gary,

    The way to do this would be to use custom labels for one set of the triad pairs, as you can't have more than one root note on a fretboard!

    - select the relevant notes (just hold down the SHIFT key and click on them to select more than one at a time)
    - in the Inspector, change the label style to "Custom"
    - now right click each note and select "Set custom label.." and enter the interval name

    Of course the note names don't change, so it's just intervals you need to enter.

    You can choose to show the note names in the legend, or flip it around and have the note names on the note markers and the intervals in the legend.

    Hope that helps..
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