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    fret board Numbers instead of notes?

    How do I get the fretboard markers to show the fretboard number instead of the note name? Liek Tablature
    Instead of E F G, 0 1 3.

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    Hi kdavies,

    Normally the fret numbers are just displayed at the edge of the diagram. You can achieve what you want, but you'll need to enter a custom label for each note.

    1. first select the fretboard
    2. now in the "Note Markers" Inspector section, change the "Labels" option to "Custom"
    3. right click on a note
    4. select the menu option 'Set custom label..' (notice there's a keyboard shortcut available if you like using shortcuts!)
    5. type in the number and click OK or hit ENTER
    6. repeat from step 3 for each of the notes you want numbered

    Curiously no one has asked about this before, and we've not thought anyone would want to do this!

    I'm going to raise a dev ticket to add an option to the "Labels" choices for "Fret number". This would then in effect mean not having to do steps 3-6 - it would automatically display the fret number in the note marker, similarly to how when set to "Note" it displays the note name.
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